Volunteers are an essential part of every hospice program.

Many have had an experience with hospice and want to give back, some have heard about hospice and support the hospice philosophy of care, and others simply want to help others. They share a strong belief in kindness and compassion and are all committed to comfort and quality for every individual at the end-of-life. It helps if you are able to listen, have a caring spirit and a good sense of humor.

You can make a difference

The responsibilities of hospice volunteers constantly change because the needs of every patient and every family are different. Volunteers provide companionship, play cards, read books, go on outings, prepare light meals, run errands, offer transportation to the store or an appointment, and provide respite so the primary caregiver has an opportunity to take a breath and reenergize. In addition, volunteers are needed to assist with administrative duties, answering phones, mailing, and clerical support. Sometimes, volunteers with unique attributes are needed, fluency in another language, a veteran willing to work with other vets, a fund raiser willing to raise support for hospice, or someone who wants to talk about hospice at health fairs or speaking engagements. All different, and all are important in the lives of our patients and their families.

Volunteer training is required and will be provided based on the assignment of the individual volunteer. Background checks are required for all direct service volunteers.

Call your local hospice program and volunteer

You can make a difference.