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Quality of Life Publishing Co. is an independent, mission-driven firm specializing in branded publications that help ease the way for anyone facing serious illness, end of life, or loss. We are proud to partner with CHAPCA to help California hospice and palliative care providers improve education and provide compassionate support for their patients and families.

Please contact us with questions or to place an order; let us know you are a CHAPCA member!

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These cost-effective, comprehensive, yet easy-to-read branded booklets help your organization improve CMS, EGSS, and CAHPS outcomes. Save valuable time and money. Let Quality of Life Publishing Co. do all the work for you, from research and content development to branding and printing.



  • Standard branding; add your logo, colors, and contact information ($25 one-time fee)
  • Full customization available; redesign covers and inside, change titles, or edit content (from $25 to $50/hour)
  • Electronic distribution; PDF link billed annually, per view ($.20 less per view than printed price)
  • Spanish versions available; other languages available for select titles (no additional charge for Spanish)
  • No minimum order required for branding; generic booklets available

Click the images below for more information about each product. To place your order, download the order form or contact the publisher.

1-877-513-0099  |  [email protected]

Latest Release & Bestsellers

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Latest Release!

Sudden Loss:

A Guide to Traumatic Grief

Starting at $1.72 per copy

When Death Is Near:

A Caregiver’s Guide

Starting at $1.72 per copy

When You Are Grieving:

A Guide to Understanding Loss

Starting at $1.56 per copy