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Webinar: Layered Cybersecurity: Finding the Best Strategy
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM PST
Category: Live Webinar

Is your agency secure from a cyberattack? What about your patients’ data? Cybersecurity is an organizational concern, not just IT. Compare current measures against industry best practices to defend against malicious actors.



  • Apply a layered security approach that focuses around four core concepts: prevention, protection, detection, and response
  • Identify the combination of technologies, processes, and techniques that protect devices, systems, networks, and data from damage, loss, and malicious attacks
  • Recognize the types of threats targeting similar organizations
  • Analyze the security layers that other healthcare providers are utilizing
  • Understand the CIS 20 and how it determines the effectiveness of security measures within an organization, so adjustments can be quickly identified and implemented


Cybersecurity is a challenging and overwhelming issue for businesses today and the healthcare industry is the target of choice. Malicious actors are constantly exploring every avenue to detect vulnerabilities. So what is considered reasonable cybersecurity for your organization’s size and industry? Like physical security, cybersecurity is not a “one size fits all” solution. Achieving the optimal level of security depends on each environment. For example, the White House requires a full team, infrared scanners, barriers, and bulletproof glass, whereas homes could be considered secure with only locked doors and an alarm system. Cybersecurity works in similar ways.

Learn how to build a proactive security strategy that stops attacks in advance by focusing on defense through a layered security posture. Determine and define your security goals using the following layers of security: perimeter security, endpoint security, phishing and security awareness training, vulnerability management, email security, detection & response, and professional services. Case studies of actual attacks that have compromised systems will also be reviewed. Using past experiences and new technologies will allow your agency to continually learn and build effective, practical defenses.

Attendance certificate provided to self-report CE credits.


This informative session provides a shared language for owners, executives, management, and IT specialists to measure the effectiveness of current agency security standards and implement changes.


  • Cybersecurity Basics e-book
  • 9 Easy Steps to Better Cybersecurity eBook
  • Links to the CIS 20 and tools
  • Website links
  • Interactive quiz

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