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CHAPCA: IDG Participation and Documentation That Pays
Thursday, October 19, 2023, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PDT
Category: Live Webinar

IDG Participation and Documentation That Pays


Webinar Details:

An interdisciplinary approach to care is engrained in the hospice culture. Team members meet and work together to help patients and families get the care they need. Someone takes notes. A hospice wouldn't think of trying to take care of patients without having an Interdisciplinary Group/Interdisciplinary Team Policy and having procedures to match. Yet, documenting that the IDG updated the comprehensive assessment and the plan of care at least every 15 days without careful attention to hospice eligibility standards can result in lost revenue. Frequently, it's not that the team didn't take excellent care of the beneficiary and family. It's that the documentation of the IDG discussion as documented doesn't show that all criteria were met. So Medicare takes back the money. Not good. Getting every IDG member on board with documenting patient changes, eligibility and plan-of-care changes can help your hospice prosper and protect your ability to keep providing the excellent hospice services you provide. Join us for this important webinar and learn how.


Learning Objective:

  • Engaged learners will recognize the difference between simply documenting that and IDG meeting occurred and documenting what was discussed that was pertinent to the patient.
  • Attendees will receive refreshed information about how to find and document measurable changes that support hospice eligibility and help IDG members determine when discussing live discharge for a patient is appropriate.
  • Team members who participate will refresh their understanding of the importance of each IDG member in documenting hospice patient decline and eligibility and in documenting all communication with other members of the team.
  • Participants will recognize their own role in ensuring the hospice program is following eligibility rules while providing excellent care.

Target Audience:

  • Administrators
  • Clinicians
  • Managers
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Chaplains
  • Interdisciplinary Team Members

Meet the Presenter:


Beth Noyce | B.S, RN, CHAP-Certified Hospice & Home Health Consultant, BSJMC, HCS-C, BCHH-C, COQS | Noyce Consulting


Beth has presented for CGS, NAHC, HHAU, UHPCO, AHPCO, UAHC, DecisionHealth’s Coding Summit, AHCC's Home Health Compliance and Quality Outcomes Conference, HealthCare Synergy, WellSky, Medbridge, HealthWare, Audio Educator, LKN and teaches her own expert seminars, workshops and webinars.

Beth Noyce, RN, BSJMC, HCS-C, BCHH-C, COQS, is a CHAP-certified Home Health and Hospice Consultant, mentor, educator and regulatory master who helps agencies know when they are at risk. Job description? Keeping agencies out of trouble since 1997. Beth is former Executive Director of Utah Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and Utah Association for Home Care and Medicare Administrative Contractor medical reviewer. She serves Hospice Advocacy Board and NAHC’s Hospice Quality Subcommittee and has served on NACH’s Hospice Advisory Board. Beth has consulted for GLG, Kenyon Home Care Consulting, The Lighten Group, The Corridor Group, Pinnacle Enterprise Risk Consulting Services, and many individual agencies nationwide. She regularly audits and performs appeals for SimiTree. Beth has edited and written study guides and questions for industry coding and compliance certification exams, has published in Diagnosis Coding Pro, and edited a Diagnosis Coding Manual. But her favorite role is Grandma.


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