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CHAPCA is a membership association that promotes and strengthens the delivery of palliative and hospice care for terminally ill patients and their families through education and advocacy


Webinar: Death with Dignity Act: Policy Considerations

Date December 8, 2015

Join us on January 19, 2016 for our first webinar of the year, End of Life Option Act: Policy Considerations.

The End of Life Option Act, also known as Death with Dignity and physician aid-in-dying, is legal in six states including California. This session will discuss the policy and procedure considerations in order to be prepared for implementation of this legislation in 2016. It will include a review of eligibility criteria, as well as a discussion of the characteristics of those individuals who access this option based upon Oregon data, including their utilization of hospice.

Anne Koepsell presented on this topic at CHAPCA’s Annual Conference in November, and it was one of the most attended and highly rated sessions at the conference. She was Executive Director of state hospice organization in WA State when their Death With Dignity legislation was enacted. Don’t miss out on this second opportunity to learn from one of the experts in the field!

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