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CHAPCA is a membership association that promotes and strengthens the delivery of palliative and hospice care for terminally ill patients and their families through education and advocacy


In-Person Workshop Just added!

Date April 13, 2015

Please join us on September 25 in Sacramento for “The Secret to Keeping Ahead of the Curve: The Comprehensive Compliance Framework.”

Does it seem as if regulatory changes are popping up faster and faster? You are correct! The bad news is that there is no reason to expect the pace to slow; the good news is that there is an effective strategy to help every hospice stay ahead of the curve: establishing a comprehensive compliance framework. The even better news? This very doable agency-wide initiative leads to higher quality care for your patients and their families.

Regardless of what stage your hospice is at – establishing a new compliance program or reviving a slightly moribund one – this workshop provides the knowledge, tools and approaches that will lead to success. For those programs with a mature compliance structure, the workshop is also a great introduction to the overall framework for new leadership, compliance and QAPI staff members. Send a team – you’ll be amazed at what can happen!

Visit our education calendar webpage for more information and registration.

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