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CHAPCA is a membership association that promotes and strengthens the delivery of palliative and hospice care for terminally ill patients and their families through education and advocacy




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Membership Types

Membership in the California Hospice and Palliative Care Association has its rewards!

Provider Members

Corporate agencies or individual companies that provide hospice care, including hospice in-patient facilities, are eligible to be Provider members of CHAPCA. Provider member dues are based on the actual operating expenditures for hospice care during the previous fiscal year for that single office. Providers with multiple offices or branches should calculate dues for each individual office location. Corporate discounts are available to agencies with four or more locations/offices in their network.

Providers are encouraged to register each office so they can be included in CHAPCA's on-line membership directory and in referrals from our office. In addition, every employee of a member provider office is considered a CHAPCA member for purposes of registration for educational programs, receiving newsletters, and other services provided by CHAPCA. If you have questions about calculating corporate discounts, please call the CHAPCA office at (916) 925-3770.

Palliative Care Members

Individuals, hospitals, medical groups or hospices that provide palliative care consultations are eligible to be Palliative Care members of CHAPCA. Palliative Care membership dues are based on the number of palliative care consultations provided during the previous calendar year.

Professional (Individual) Members

Any individual may join CHAPCA as a member. Special interest groups for physicians, nurses, social workers, administrators, volunteers, chaplains and consultants are available for additional support.

Associate Members

Any individual or company who provides a product or service to the hospice industry, i.e., pharmaceutical company, software vendor, funeral home or service, medical equipment provider, industry consultant, etc. may join as an associate member. Hospice care providers are not eligible to be associate members.

RCFE Members

Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly are encouraged to belong to CHAPCA. RCFE membership dues are based on the number of beds in the facility.